I have been fishing with Dean for over 30 years and I can guarantee that you will catch Walleye.  We have fished all over Lake of The Woods and caught Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and Smallmouth.  Dean has my contact information and I am happy to talk to you about fishing with him. Shore lunches are amazing.  It’s a chance to fish one of the best lakes in all of Canada and a chance to fish with one of the best guides on Lake of the Woods.

Tony P

Scottsdale, AZ



         On my first fishing trip to Lake of the Woods I caught a 43’ Northern Pike.  It was so exciting. We caught lots of Walleye. The trip was so good we are coming back again next year.

Allie T.

Philadelphia, PA



         I’ve done a lot of bass fishing in North Carolina and when I got to Lake of the Woods, Dean showed me how to catch Walleye and Northern Pike.  I’m sold, we are coming back every year. The Walleye shore lunch was unbelievable. The best fish I’ve had, fresh and lots of it.

Matt H.

Smithfield, NC



        My wife and I decided to try Lake of the Woods and used Dean as our guide.  WOW!!! We caught loads of Walleye. Northern Pike and Crappie. Our favorite fishing in Minnesota is for Perch, but the Crappie in lake of the woods were off the charts good to catch and especially to eat.  Don’t miss this trip with Dean. And my wife out fished me. We are definitely coming back to fish with Dean. He’s the best guide we have ever had in Canada.

Tom F.

Minneapolis, MN



        I tried Walleye fishing with Dean for the first time when I was only 12 and he taught me how to fish for Walleye and Smallmouth.  My parents have been bringing me for the past 8 years. I love fishing with Dean, he is so good at finding the best spots and cooking up a great shore lunch.  Bring your young children, he will teach them how to fish. 

Anna P.

Chicago, IL



        We started bringing our children to Lake of the Woods when they were 9 and 11, they are now 48 and 50.  Dean is like family. You simply can’t go wrong when you are fishing with Dean. Some of the best memories are fishing in the rain. And those huge shore lunches.  It is now a family tradition, we are fishing with Dean every year.

Peggy D.

Detroit, MI



         I brought 12 people to fish with Dean and two other guides for a company outing.  Man, we had a blast. Dean took care of everything…rooms, boats, tackle, bait, etc.  It was the best corporate event we have ever had and we are coming back every year.

Chad S.

Kenilworth, IL

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